Class 08 Gronkpack

Uploaded: 17 March 2020

The Class 08 Gronkpack adds the following key features:

  • LED markers - Controllable via vehicle number in scenario editor

  • Lampcode marker layout - Controllable via vehicle number in scenario editor

  • "Mainline" setting - Modifies lights for AI function to run with both markers on white at front, and red at rear, or yard duties (white/red on both front and back).

  • Upgraded physics/simulation - Copied from the BR Woodhead


This pack uses BOTH of the packs above for the liveries, in order to replicate the specific unit. This means 08795 'Landore', 08645 'St Piran' and 08836 'GWR' are specific to the RSC\Class08TOC pack.
Whilst the pack is split between the Woodhead and EWS/Freightliner 08s, Woodhead is an absolute necessity for the EWS/Freightliner liveries to function correctly, since they use the physics and simulation files from that pack.

Included Liveries:

  • BR Black (with separate 'modern' variant)

  • BR Blue (with separate 'modern' variant)

  • BR Green (with separate 'modern' variant)

  • BR Grey (with separate 'modern' variant)

  • Intercity Swallow (with separate 'modern' variant)

  • 08795 'Landore'

  • 08410 'GWR Green'

  • First Great Western

  • GWR

  • RES

  • 08645 'St Piran'