Class 323 Revamp Pack

The Class 323 Revamp pack adds the following key features:

  • Upgraded headlight textures - Replaces the original textures with my own custom set.

  • Removed headlight flare when close-up - Prevents nuclear-looking headlights and marker lights, and lets you see their details.

  • Automatic number scripting - Automatically numbers the unit according to the DMSO-A

  • Realistic destination texturing - Replaces DTG's original texturing for 100% accurate destinations. Also added an extra 38 for a total of 95 for London Midland/West Midlands

  • Additional .bin files for DMSO-A/DMSO-B - Added DMSO-A non-driver and DMSO-B driver bins for scenario creators. Simplifies forward/reverse formations in scenario editor.

NOTE: Whilst this is called a 'Revamp pack', It's more in the middle of being both a 'Revamp Pack' and a patch. I don't plan to make any reskins for this unit.