Class 43 Revamp Pack

Updated: 08 December 2020


  • European Loco & Asset Pack

  • At least two of the AP Class 43 Enhancement Packs.

Note: Usage of 43185s "Great Western" nameplate on Intercity Swallow/Merlin/Fag Packet/Barbie liveries requires AP C43 MTU EP

The Class 43 Revamp pack adds the following key features:

  • Upgraded headlight clusters - Adds more detail over the original Kuju ones.

  • Nameplates - EC, EMT, EMR, FGW Blue, GC, GNER, GWR, NXEC, MML and XC have nameplates. Can enable/disable depending on needs.

  • TSDs - Added 4 different variants of TSDs which apply to coach C by default. Configurable by vehicle number.

  • TRFBs - Modelled all variants of buffet/kitchen coaches. Configurable by vehicle number.

  • Tail lamp - Automatically enable/disable tail lamp on the powercars. Configurable by vehicle number.

  • Horn grilles - Randomly assigns one of 3 variants, in 2 different styles (worn/broken)

  • Coach Letters - Dynamically attaches to each coach, but overridable with the vehicle number.

  • Controllable destinations - F7/F8 as well as Shift F7/F8 to control destinations. can be assigned via the scenario editor on the lead powercar.

  • Extra livery variants - Great Western, Fag packet and Intercity Swallow now have extra revisions to add variety to scenarios.