Reskins are available for many different TOCs
Revamp Packs - Fix issues with older payware rolling stock

Welcome to Major Wales Design. Here you can find all of the things that we've created for Dovetail Games' Train Simulator Classic, as well as a few other releases people have allowed me to list on here. You can find liveries, scenarios, Revamp packs, patches and much more.

Mostly known for my Revamp packs, I aim to allow as much tinkering as possible above high quality reskins, wherever possible within the confines of the Train Simulator game engine.

Nameplate Packs (most, if not all nameplates for certain trains and specific TOCs)
Many patches are available for routes, locos and rolling stock.

Latest News

6th May 2022: KSA-A (Sfiss) Wagon Pack - OUT NOW!

For the first time here at Major Wales Design, we are proud to announce our first payware package.

Built in the 1990s originally to carry car parts between Longbridge and Swindon factories. During 2011, some were converted to timber carriers to assist the KFA (GERS) wagons on services typically carrying timber to Chirk from Baglan, Exeter or Carlisle for use in the manufacture of wooden panels.