Class 390 Revamp Pack

Updated: 05 August 2021

The Class 390 Revamp pack adds the following key features:

  • Automatic train numbering

  • Nameplates

  • 2D/3D Virgin badges on coupling hatch.

  • Old/New Virgin branding on grey livery

  • Extra Hatch details

  • Tail Lamp 'keyhole'

  • Tilt functionality - The train actually tilts now!

  • Open coupling hatch - For AI/Class 57 usage.

  • Tilt fault

  • Moustache decals

  • Many liveries included - See list below

NOTE: This pack heavily utilises the usage of modified geo files. These are modified via the included batch (.bat) file, and can take several minutes to finish. Cancelling this or installing manually will cause issues with many different included liveries missing geo files, and so it is recommended that you install using the bat file only. NOTE 2: The ATS Class 390 livery pack is not compatible with this pack. It is suggested that you install ONE instead of both.


  • Virgin Silver (with striped doors)

  • Virgin Silver (with grey doors)

  • Virgin Silk (with/without blackout windows)

  • Virgin Silk (Pride)

  • White (with/without blackout windows)

  • Avanti (Decal/vinyl driver coaches for use with plain white coaches)

  • Avanti (Full) - Replacement textures for original WCML-S livery

  • Avanti (Full livery with revised branding)

  • Avanti (Pride)