Class 390 'Pendolino' Revamp Pack

NOTE: This pack heavily utilises the usage of modified geo files. These are modified via the included batch (.bat) file, and can take several minutes to finish. Cancelling this or installing manually will cause issues with many different included liveries missing geo files, and so it is recommended that you install using the bat file only.

The Class 390 Revamp pack adds the following key features:

  • Automatic numbering - Automatically numbers the rest of the train from the DMRF coach. You no longer need to number each coach in a consist!
    Nameplate Scripting - Although not fully included currently, it provides support for future nameplates and/or special decals on any coach. (;np=X)

  • Choice of 2D and 3D logos on the coupling hatch. (;logo=X)

  • Choice of Virgin branding on the red & silver livery (;b=X)

  • Hatch bumps (;hatch=X) - round/square coupling hatch bumps which randomise on each end of each unit. Can be set independently on each driver coach.

  • Tilting - No longer will you have a train which lacks the feature it is famous for.

  • Coupling enabled (;couple=X)- Opens the coupling hatch in preparation for coupling. Can be coupled to Class 57s for scenarios.

  • Tilting faults (;tilt_disabled=X) - Unless config is entered, gives a 2% chance of failure. More details in manual.

  • Moustache vehicle number config (;hair=X) - Lets you enable the moustache decal on any unit.

  • Variety of liveries - Virgin Grey (Stripes/Grey Door), Virgin Silk, Virgin Pride, Plain White, Avanti Decal, Avanti Full (Replacement textures) and Avanti Pride.

Included Liveries:

  • Virgin Silver (with striped doors)

  • Virgin Silver (with grey doors)

  • Virgin Silk (with/without blackout windows)

  • Virgin Silk (Pride)

  • White (with/without blackout windows)

  • Avanti (Decal/vinyl driver coaches for use with plain white coaches)

  • Avanti (Full) - Replacement textures for original WCML-S livery

  • Avanti (Full livery with revised branding)

  • Avanti (Pride)