Class 08 Revamp Pack

Updated: 12 July 2022



NOTE: While the pack is split between the Woodhead and EWS/Freightliner 08s, Woodhead is an absolute necessity for the EWS/Freightliner liveries to function correctly, since they use the physics, sounds and simulation files from that pack.NOTE 2: This pack is only used for the BR Severn Tunnel Emergency Train livery (97806), which is included in this pack. It is not essential for any other included liveries.

The Class 08 Revamp Pack adds the following features:

  • LED markers - Controllable via vehicle number in scenario editor

  • Lampcode marker layout - Controllable via vehicle number in scenario editor

  • High Intensity Headlamp - Options of headlights for certain 08s working on mainline

  • "Mainline" setting - Modifies lights for AI function to run with both markers on white at front, and red at rear, or yard duties (white/red on both front and back). Also enables/disables headlight depending on the setting.

  • Custom Autonumber - Livery-specific numbering setup for realism

  • User-adjustable Branding - Choose from a selection of logos on specific liveries

  • Ladder - Add/remove the ladder on the nose grille.

  • Grille - Add in extra supports/filters to the nose grille.

  • Nameplates - Selection of nameplates included. Add your own nameplates/decals using a few steps listed in the manual.

  • Lamp Irons - Adds missing lamp irons to the front centre, rear centre and rear upper-centre locations, or a variation of those locations.

  • Upgraded physics/simulation - Copied from the BR Woodhead

Included Liveries:

  • 08480 'TOTON No 1'

  • 08499 'Redlight'

  • 08604 'PHANTOM'

  • 08645 'St. Piran'

  • 08682 'Lionheart'

  • 08795 'Landore'

  • 97800 'IVOR' (BR Research Dept + NSE Revised)

  • 97806 (Severn Tunnel Emergency Train)

  • Arriva TrainCare

  • BR Black (with modern variant)

  • BR Green (with modern variant)

  • BR Blue (with modern variant)

  • BR Departmental Grey (with modern variant)

  • BR Railfreight Grey

  • BR Railfreight Grey (Revised)

  • BR Red Star Express Parcels

  • BR Trainload (with modern variant)

  • DB

  • East Midlands Trains

  • EWS

  • First Great Western

  • Freightliner

  • Freightliner G&W

  • Great Western Railway (Grouping)

  • GWR (TOC)

  • Intercity Swallow (with modern variant)

  • Network SouthEast

  • Network SouthEast (Revised)

  • Powell Duffryn Coal Preparation

  • RES

  • RSS

For a total of over 60 variations, excluding user configurations done via the loco number.