Class 180 Revamp Pack

Updated: 29 September 2021

The Class 180 Revamp pack adds the following key features:

  • Upgraded headlights - Adds more detail over original, as well as correcting the location of the tail lights.

  • Notched Throttle - Now you can enjoy notched throttle control (Brakes are still analog).

  • 7 Liveries included - Grand Central (old/revised), First Great Western (Barbie), Northern (Barbie), First Great Western/Hull Trains (Dynamic Lines) and East Midlands Railway (EMR Intercity/Ex-HT). Includes different branded variants and non-branded variants for each relevant livery.

  • Over 50 destinations between 4 liveries - Controlled via [F7] and [F8].

  • Includes ";np=1" option for Scenario editors - Removes passengers in scenarios by adding to the rail vehicle number


Note: In regards to the crash bug - I tried, and failed to solve it. I don't know and am at a loss overall. I thought it was scripting but it turns out that is not the case, and I've tried a few other things, to no avail.